Advantage Restaurant Equipment

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Both the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics point to the skyrocketing rate of failing small businesses. Enter Advantage Restaurant Equipment, joining 180 South after three years of difficulties struggling with inflated overhead, shrinking margins, and a muddled brand identity. Upon our initial goal-setting strategy session, the team at 180 South quickly identified the challenges and uncovered three new opportunities to increase brand awareness within the market, including a community outreach campaign and a targeted list of potential customers leveraged against a barrage of business development services. Advantage was rebranded with a new look and feel, weekly benchmarks were set, a sales management and agile system was implemented, and two new marketing initiatives were executed: a call center campaign to local restaurants, and a visual branding campaign near high-turnover commercial real estate. Sales increased 30% and within 6 months, 180 South was able to secure and finance a new warehouse for equipment storage, which ensured that the client did not squander the revenue increase in high rent and electricity. And for added value, 180 South was able to renegotiate a critical vendor contract for Advantage, increasing credit terms at a lower interest rate, and allowing for more cash on hand to purchase additional inventory for the new warehouse. Past and current clients were ecstatic with the new warehouse and selection of merchandise, while Advantage was given access to an untapped customer base. With 180 South, clients receive more than just creative production and expertise; they see results that impact the bottom line.

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